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Anime@UTS 10th Anniversary

September 28, 2011, by , posted in Events

This year marks the 10th year of Anime@UTS as a club, so get together with us for a night of celebration.

Date and Time: Friday, October 7, 6:00pm – 11:00pm
Location: The UTS Glasshouse Bar
(attendees will receive a free drink token)

Music Tuesday

September 20, 2011, by , posted in Features

The other day I was reading some of the news from the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) and it got me thinking, what is the best video game intro? And its quite hard, because there are quite alot of really good intros to video games. There was one that came to mind almost immediately though…

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Music Monday

September 12, 2011, by , posted in Features

~Yo! Back for the fourth Music Monday in a row! Geez…there must be some kind of conspiracy or perhaps a plan involved with all of this. Or maybe you’re just lucky to have me do this. Lucky lucky.

Over the last few Music Mondays, I’ve done OPs of different kinds. And while I tend to like OPs alot, that’s not saying I don’t appreciate a good ED. So this week, I’ve decided to run with some endings but with a twist. Well, do you wanna know what it is? Do you, do you wanna?

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Music Monday

September 5, 2011, by , posted in Features

Puzzle is the opening to Welcome to the NHK!, which is one of my favourite anime series. It was also the first anime I ever watched in the anime club.

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Artjam (and Mecha Day)

September 3, 2011, by , posted in Events

v. jammed, jam-ming, jams

  1. To drive or wedge forcibly into a tight position
  2. To activate or apply (a brake) suddenly
  3. Electronics To interfere with or prevent the clear reception of signals by electronic means


  1. A preserve made from whole fruit boiled to a pulp with sugar



  1. An opportunity for the creative types of the club to express their inner ambitions in artistic ways
  2. A hangout for those burnt out by exams and assignments to sit around and chill: Chilled Jam
  3. A chance to cram at uni for the rest of your exams with people from the anime club: Cram Jam
  4. A group of people with laptops: Laptop Jam

[UTS Building 1, Lvl 3, Harry Heath Room: 10am – 6pm Saturday 10th of September (10/09/11)]