Music Monday – Upbeat

I thought it would be nice to set an optimistic mood to the beginning of the semester by posting some poppy upbeat songs.

The first song comes from an album called daisy strategy by miskyworks. It was only some time after I first listened to the album that I found out that the songs were in fact Touhou arranges. The songs are covered in an interesting, unique fashion. Although the album is quite short, each track is done in a separate style, which are all pleasant to listen to.

Next is a vocaloid song with a hook that got me addicted within moments, Hello Strobe by powapowaP. I am fond of musicians who blend traditional and modern, and I get a kick out of that “glitchy” effect. Also it happens to be easy enough for me to sing at K!

Many of you may have heard the OP to last season’s Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, but probably missed out on the awesome other track from the OP single. Done in a similar style to the OP, but now with cute onomatopoeia!