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Art Jam

June 17, 2011, by , posted in Events

v. jammed, jam-ming, jams

  1. To drive or wedge forcibly into a tight position
  2. To activate or apply (a brake) suddenly
  3. Electronics To interfere with or prevent the clear reception of signals by electronic means


  1. A preserve made from whole fruit boiled to a pulp with sugar



  1. An opportunity for the creative types of the club to express their inner ambitions in artistic ways
  2. A hangout for those burnt out by exams and assignments to sit around and chill: Chilled Jam
  3. A chance to cram at uni for the rest of your exams with people from the anime club: Cram Jam
  4. A group of people with laptops: Laptop Jam

[UTS Building 1, Lvl 3, Harry Heath Room: 10am – 6pm Saturday 25th of June (25/6/11)]

Music Monday

June 12, 2011, by , posted in Features

Giant Killing is one of those few anime that I couldn’t stop watching once I started. Usually I’m not a fan of sport anime, especially not football/soccer, but Giant Killing has such an interesting story I can’t help but love it.

Giant Killing is about a Japanese soccer team currently at the bottom of their league when they decide to hire their previous star player, Takeshi Tatsumi, as the new manager of the team. Here’s the opening theme (mirrored, unfortunately):

Not many openings suit the anime they appear in, and I’m quite happy to say that’s not the case with ‘My Story ~Mada Minu Ashita e~’ by The Cherry Cokes. I’m not sure exactly why, but this song fits quite well in the football/soccer community (or what I know of it, anyway). I think it’s the Irish sort of sound the whole song has to it, I don’t know. But it sure has become my favourite song to play lately. Hopefully, it becomes yours too. =)

Music Monday

June 8, 2011, by , posted in Events

Though this week’s post shows a marked lack of assiduity, I present to you two exceptional pieces of music. Would anyone care to guess in which animated work these two compositions appear?