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Tunes for Tuesday

May 31, 2011, by , posted in Features

I was surprised to discover that the post I made last week was appreciated by a few individuals. I feel confident enough to post a follow up this week with music in a similar vein.

The music last week was generally of a more subdued variety, so I thought I would go to the other end of the spectrum. This is the opening of Michiko to Hatchin, a series that follows the travels of a prison escapee and a young girl on a vespa through a fictional country inspired by Latin America in search of a man. Shinichiro Watanabe, known for directing Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, was involved in the music composition. The OP itself was performed by Soil & “Pimp” Sessions. Please do not let the name dissuade you, as they have produced several albums of fantastic music.

The following track is from the soundtrack of a series I enjoyed watching many seasons ago, Ristorante Paradiso. It is a romance series that revolves around a young woman and the stories of moe old men who make up the staff of a restaurant in Rome. This is a fair representation of the entire album, and at any rate, I often listen to this when I cook.

Music Monday – Anime Jazz

May 23, 2011, by , posted in Music

This post is partly inspired by Randall’s inquiries into my stance on jazz. It is most likely my favourite genre, and so I felt that I’d like to share a few examples collected from various facets of otaku culture.

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Music Monday

May 16, 2011, by , posted in Features

Over the weekend we had one of Europe’s largest music events, the Eurovision song contest. The songs this year were amazing and performed very well overall, unfortunately my favourite did not win.

Since I dislike the winners from the past two years (very undeserved), I will play the winner from 2009, Norway with Fairytale, one of my favourite Eurovision songs.

Music Monday

May 2, 2011, by , posted in Features

This week, we are going to take a 100 year journey back in time and listen to one of my favourite orchestral piece by Dvorak.

Symphony No. 9 – From the New World, 4th movement by Antonin Dvorak.

Hollywood composers love this guy. You’ve most likely heard bits and pieces of his music in movies you have seen.
Don’t think so? To name a few…surely you must have seen Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park or Harry Potter?
Well if you  haven’t you’re missing out on some epic soundtracks used in those films.

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