Music Monday

Ok, here’s the deal: I hate most of Macross Frontier.

I just don’t like the whole relationship triangle with spoiled “spaceaids” diva and a selfish child with the main guy pretty much a Gary Stu.

I think only guys enjoy this series.

The only scene I really liked was when SPOILER Mikhail dies infront of Klan.


What I do love about Macross Frontier are the songs played throughout the series. My personal favourites are Diamond Crevasse and Northern Cross.

Sheryl Nome>Ranka Lee

How about you decide?

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Even though I wrote that short equation above, in this live version of the Nyan Nyan Medley both May’n and Megumi Nakajima shine brightly in front of their many…male fans. =.=

Also, thank god this version of the medley doesn’t have Aimo.