New Member’s Guide

Hello there. Welcome to the anime club.

So now that you’ve joined/are going to join the club, how can you be more involved with the club? Well hit the jump and read on…

Fun and Games is our most social event. If you like board games or card games (like Mahjong, Jenga, Big 2 or Uno), then you’ll feel right at home. If you just feel like sitting and watching or talking, that’s fine too. Some people even do their homework and assignments at Fun and Games, but I can’t really vouch for how productive that is.


We also are very talkative at Screenings. Discussion and interaction is allowed, sometimes even encouraged during our screenings (particularly during the bad ones). Though interaction has its limits, especially during the Maid screenings.


Karaoke + Eatout is one of our staple events, but don’t feel shy if you can’t sing. Most of us can’t either. We overcome that through sheer passion and pure emotion. We usually have space for both English and Japanese songs, so you can try singing your favourite anime OP if you feel up to it. Remember, its not about how well you sing, but about how much fun people can have at your expense.


Artjam is another one of our staple events! Express your creativity and join us in drawing, painting and splashing ink over ridiculously large scrolls of paper! You can also bring along a mecha/gundam kit and have fun assembling it together with other less artistically-inclined folks! Of course, there are also card and board games to play, as well as the inevitable sound of mahjong tiles clacking together….

Don’t worry though, if you can’t attend our events there are other ways to stay involved in the anime club…

Our website (this one you’re reading right now) is another great way to learn more about the club and get involved. We’ll hopefully start having more and varied posts as well, from food/anime/manga reviews, event recaps and discussion points. Feel free to comment on anything, and if you have a creative spark and want to write for the website, then just drop a line to Dom/Sleet (me) and we’ll see what you can do. Try writing a Music Monday (so Dom hasn’t have to go out and find songs to write about every week).

Sure, you can hang out with us at events and stuff, but the cool kids hang out online. You can also find us on our IRC channel, #anime@uts on the Rizon server. If you have no idea what that meant, then don’t worry. We’ve made it simple for you. Just look to the top of this page and click the IRC tab in the banner and it’ll take you to our chat room. It’s that simple.

Our IRC channel is pretty much our chatroom and there’s almost always people there (unless you’re too early and people aren’t awake yet, too late and people are already asleep or you’re on during one of our events and we’re not at our computers). But if that happens, just stick around for a while. Someone will come along eventually.

So you’ve seen what the anime club does and you want to help out? Well we always welcome a helping hand. Those who show initiative and interest in helping out can become Chibi Execs, whom we call upon to help run events and other things.

If you are still interested, drop an email to Clara at secretary@utsanime.net or talk to one of the execs and we’ll get you setup.