Music Monday

First off I hope that everyone had an enjoyable new year, whether it was peaceful, rowdy, or anywhere within that spectrum. Now that you’ve watched the fireworks on the big screen and made your new year’s resolutions (since when have I made one of those…), it’s time to move on to the next exciting chapter in our lives.

Despite that, inevitably I find myself taking a step backward rather than a step forward in what is (apparently) effectively the first Music Monday of the New Year (ooh, caps). So, for what is (now) the first Music Monday, I hit upon the OST from a recently completed anime, Psychic Detective Yakumo (aka Shinrei Tantei Yakumo).

Not to put a damper on the lingering New Year mood, but here’s a nice little track from the OST.

Suits my mood perfectly, whoa ~

The soundtracks are by a relatively unknown composer called R.O.N and there isn’t even a Wikipedia page on him, but I profess I spent no longer than two minutes typing his name in and looking at the list of disambiguations. However, it would seem he also arranged some theme songs for Kurenai.

Although the story and art of PDY is not overall as wonderful as that of the manga, the anime made for a suspenseful and fairly intriguing story, the musical accompaniment creating the suitable atmosphere for each scene without being too overly heavy, and there are light tunes as well as the darker ones one would expect from a psychological crime series.

So to conclude, here’s easily the most familiar score from the anime and what many people have found appealing, whether they have watched the series or not.