Music Monday

So we here at anime@uts have a variety of other interests outside of anime. We watch TV shows, we watch K/J-dramas, weird/popular movies. We like video games, like Starcraft 2, Team Fortress 2 and LoL too (had to keep the 2 thing happening there). So with this Music Monday, I’d like to combine two interests outside of anime in one catchy song.

IU is an up and coming K-Pop star, and at least one person in the club (yappa) can’t get enough of her. While she’s not as big as some of the other K-Pop acts out there, like Girls Generation <3, After School, Tara and Kara (it took me awhile to realise the latter two were actually different -_-), she sure is talented. She’s also starring in a K-drama, Dream High, where she plays a fat girl who (eventually) becomes beautiful. Not that fat girls aren’t beautiful. Or whatever.

But I said we were combining interests, didn’t I? Well IU has had a lot of involvement in the Starcraft scene in Korea. Before the start of the GSL, the biggest SC2 tournament in the world, we are treated to a bunch of K-Pop MVs and IU is always there. And apart from performing at major tournament finals such as the Shihan Bank Proleague and the Gretech Global Starcraft 2 League, she also provides some of the player introductions during the GSL matches.

So yeah, we’re fans of things other than anime :o. Amazing, isn’t it?