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Music Monday

January 31, 2011, by , posted in Music

So we here at anime@uts have a variety of other interests outside of anime. We watch TV shows, we watch K/J-dramas, weird/popular movies. We like video games, like Starcraft 2, Team Fortress 2 and LoL too (had to keep the 2 thing happening there). So with this Music Monday, I’d like to combine two interests outside of anime in one catchy song.

IU is an up and coming K-Pop star, and at least one person in the club (yappa) can’t get enough of her. While she’s not as big as some of the other K-Pop acts out there, like Girls Generation <3, After School, Tara and Kara (it took me awhile to realise the latter two were actually different -_-), she sure is talented. She’s also starring in a K-drama, Dream High, where she plays a fat girl who (eventually) becomes beautiful. Not that fat girls aren’t beautiful. Or whatever.

But I said we were combining interests, didn’t I? Well IU has had a lot of involvement in the Starcraft scene in Korea. Before the start of the GSL, the biggest SC2 tournament in the world, we are treated to a bunch of K-Pop MVs and IU is always there. And apart from performing at major tournament finals such as the Shihan Bank Proleague and the Gretech Global Starcraft 2 League, she also provides some of the player introductions during the GSL matches.

So yeah, we’re fans of things other than anime :o. Amazing, isn’t it?

Music Monday

January 24, 2011, by , posted in Music

First off I hope that everyone had an enjoyable new year, whether it was peaceful, rowdy, or anywhere within that spectrum. Now that you’ve watched the fireworks on the big screen and made your new year’s resolutions (since when have I made one of those…), it’s time to move on to the next exciting chapter in our lives.

Despite that, inevitably I find myself taking a step backward rather than a step forward in what is (apparently) effectively the first Music Monday of the New Year (ooh, caps). So, for what is (now) the first Music Monday, I hit upon the OST from a recently completed anime, Psychic Detective Yakumo (aka Shinrei Tantei Yakumo).

Not to put a damper on the lingering New Year mood, but here’s a nice little track from the OST.

Suits my mood perfectly, whoa ~

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ArtJam/Mecha Day

January 21, 2011, by , posted in Events

ArtJam and Mecha Day

Date: Saturday, February 5

Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Location: Haruhi Room! (Harry Heath, Level 2 Building 1. Opposite the Printing Centre, around the corner from the Prayer Rooms, same level as the food court)

ArtJam 2010, Izzy, Chloe

Busy with those calligraphy brushes

Bored this holidays?
BYO mecha set and come assemble it with us!
Not into mecha? Then come make origami, draw, leech UTS wireless, build papercraft, play mah-jong or meet the exec team… There is surely something for all of you! :)

Facebook Link:

Don’t know what to expect on the day?

Check out previous ArtJam here: