Music Monday

Merry Christmas everyone!

This week’s Music Monday is a little shorter (and a little later) than usual, but you shouldn’t be on the internet reading this anyway. You should be out there doing your last minute shopping or hanging out with cool people. And your family. Because families are never cool.

Love it or hate it, K-On! was one of the biggest anime this year (and last year). Being a sucker for music anime, I naturally loved K-On! and this song, My Love is a Stapler, was perhaps my favourite of all the HTT songs, followed closely by Fude Pen (no fu fu!). The song pretty much has everything, Mio/Yui vocals, a cool guitar riff, some nice keyboards and great drumming. What makes the song even more cool was the first scene in K-On! season 2, where Yui just sits down and rocks out on her guitar.

Anyway, happy holidays everyone!