Music Monday

So recently, I’ve been enjoying the endearingly cute and fluffy production of Shinryaku! Ika Musume. It’s one of this season’s new offerings, the story of which revolves around a squid girl from the ocean, who is annoyed at humans for polluting the sea, and decides to ‘invade’ the local beach house restaurant. Predictably, she fails, and is instead press-ganged into helping the beach house out! Cutesy squidgirl-related shenanigans and hijinks ensue.

For the rest of us (who will never hold a cute squid-girl with tentacles for hair in their arms ;_; ), it’s finally the end of uni and the beginning of summer break. Prepare the fans and the rattan mats! Or you could turn on the air conditioning in complete disregard of the environment, you ratbag. But then out of nowhere, a moe~ carbon dioxide girl may suddenly emerge from the clouds passing overhead and then punch a hole in your wall… mhmmm.

More to come after the break, de geso~!

Well ok, that wasn’t the official OP. BUT IF IT WAS, IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

So without further ado, here’s the actual OP. :D