Music Monday

So apparently there’s a new a Berserk coming out, which I am totally excited about. Unfortunately, I don’t think enough people are excited about. So I’m going to dedicate this Music Monday to one of the best anime/manga of all time: Berserk. (Big surprise)

Berserk (anime) was made back in the 1997 and saw an Australian release in around 2003, which makes it fairly old in anime terms. But with that said, the manga started coming out in 1989, which is BEFORE SOME OF YOU WERE BORN! Therefore as your elder, this series demands your respect.

The Berserk anime covered the first major arc of the series and is considered by many as one of the best anime of all time. It had everything that you’d want: Fighting, blood, ridiculously big swords, characterisation, plot… there just was too much to like about the series. Though if you’re of the faint of heart or get way too attached to characters, then maybe its best to not watch the last episodes. Those get a little crazy.

While the soundtrack didn’t really standout as great, it suited the anime quite well. It was dark and brooding most of the time, fast-paced action (like Forces, which the above trailer is set to) and one song for hope (which they like to play alot). There are a few songs that will stick to you though.

The opening theme, Tell Me Why, is a perfect example of why Japanese people should make more songs in English. The lyrics are so meaningful, it really strikes a chord with me. Oh wait, I forgot to put my sarcasm tabs in. My bad.

Anyway, regardless, if you haven’t seen the series, go watch it. It’ll help set you up for the next series and you won’t regret watching such a classic anime.