Music Monday

In a loud voice, “This era is survival,” goes the commentator.

Welcome to exam period.

Its that time of semester again, where all you’re thinking about is studying, how much life sucks and how to get a pass in a subject. The name of the game is survival and, not so coincidentally, this song is called Survival too. By one of the most popular J-Rock bands, Glay, the song is off of their album Heavy Gauge and was one of their most popular songs. The song itself is fast-paced and has a very intricate rhythm and rhyme to it that is apparently really cool if you understand Japanese and totally goes over your head if you don’t. But this is an anime blog and we’re here to talk about the anime in it.

The music video is directed by Koji Morimoto of Studio 4°C, and if you’re wondering, the video clip is standalone and does not come from a series or movie. Morimoto first worked on Akira as an animation director and has since made various features and music videos (All of which you should go out and watch). His work is a bit abstract, it kind of asks questions in metaphors. Oddly enough, they’re the same kind of metaphors I like to ask myself when I’m in exam period, such as: “Why am I here?” “What is the meaning of life?” “Why is life full of suffering?” “What does it mean to be human?” “Is there a higher state of existence (maybe one free of exams)?”

But all that is a bit heavy on the thinking. And that’s kinda not what we want right now in exam period. So do what I do, zone out and rock out to one of Glay’s best songs.