Music Monday

So with Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming in Q1 next year I thought it would be nice to revisit some things of what made this game so great. Having grown up playing heaps of XvSF, MvSF and MvC, the soundtrack always seems to bring back fond memories. So here is a list of some of my favourite tracks from the VS series.

Starting off with a song fit for an anime club.

The character theme song to my most played character in the series just because she was the best to troll with. A set of crappy normals, specials, damage and takes the most damage out of everybody makes playing her only fit for masochists. Probably the most memorable for me just because it has a vocal track. Sweet theme song for a sweet character.

Not much I can say about this one except [[Credit Card xN] > Royal Flush xN]. Gambit is possibly one of the funnest shoto-based characters in the game. One of the biggest disappointments of MvC3 is that they confirmed that Gambit will not be in it. Heres to Capcom being a troll like with SSF4 and just hiding him until the release.

If you don’t recognize this theme then shame on you as I’m positive that this song was part of so many childhoods. A remixed version of his original theme song, nostalgia will hit like a truck. Naturally Ryu will be returning in MvC3 and he’s looking as smooth as ever (not including his SF3 incarnation).

Now for bonus tracks! (Long post is Long)

For Alex

And just for the hell of it

If you don’t have a reason to get MvC3 yet. Just get it for the soundtrack (And the fact that a team with MODOK, Deadpool and Arthur has to be seen)!  Now if only Capcom will make a new Darkstalkers…