Music Monday

The year 2000 came with a bang. A new century, a new decade, a new age. The future was here, and it was bright, and we were the generation to make it ours. But as the years rolled by, nothing really changed. We didn’t get our flying cars or our holograms or anything particularly fancy. Everything was the same. Nothing ever changed.

When the kids sing of the future, maybe kids don’t need their masters.

I was in high school and I was bored. Things just didn’t interest me. It was in anime I found my solace from the relentless monotony in the day-to-day existence of a high school student. And with anime and video games taking up a large part of my life, so did their music. Soundtracks like the jazz/blues tunes of Cowboy Bebop, the techno tracks of Serial Experiments Lain and the Eurobeat awesomeness of Initial D dominated my playlists. But it was the pillows’ soundtrack to FLCL that defined my music tastes.

My song is your song.

I remember listening to songs like One Life and Instant Music while sitting in the playground with nothing to look forward and not caring about anything. In those songs, the pillows’ guitars just reflect those kinds of extremely slow and laid-back moments. And that’s the great thing about the pillows’ music, they manage to capture a moment or an emotion. Ride on Shooting Star and Come Down are the crazy moments, Beautiful Morning With You is the depressing times, Crazy Sunshine and Hybrid Rainbow are the happy times. Their songs helped me through the bad times of adolescence, as well as the good times.

Sad Sad Kiddie so long…

Now I’m a little older, a little more mature and a little more stupid. I don’t listen to Cowboy Bebop or GitS: SAC soundtracks anymore. I don’t play Final Fantasy, I don’t watch much anime. But the pillows’ are still on my iPod. Their music is just as relevant to me as it ever was before.

I want to be a bat and I want to touch the sun…

Its 2010 now. And sure, somethings have changed in the last decade. I’ve left high school and gone and to uni. I’ve met new people and lost some friends. The things I like and do aren’t the same anymore. The future isn’t quite here yet, and its definitely not as bright as we had hoped it would be. But the music has been there, its tied everything together and it will always be there.

Can you feel that hybrid rainbow?