Music Monday

Ah, 1998, what a year for anime, and probably one of the most memorable for me. There was a flood of excellent titles, some which are still highly regarded today (Bebop, Trigun, Initial D to name a really select few). However, one in particular was something of a dark horse.

Orphen (known in full as Sorcerous Stabber Orphen) is a fantasy/adventure anime that follows the exploits it’s titular anti-hero as he tries to rescue his mentor, Azalie, whom has become a fearsome dragon known as the Bloody August. While this calamity must be destroyed for the greater good, Orphen feels that only he, the greatest sorcerer in the world, can save her.

The above song is Kimi wa Majutsushi? (Are You a Sorcerer?) and acts as the second op for the series. While a common song in terms of how it sounds (it will evoke a feeling of “I’ve heard something like this before), it is still a powerful intro, setting the tone for what is to come beautifully together with the opening animation.

I still have a reverence for most of the music, animation, and storytelling of the ‘98 anime, and have barely progressed the into the 2000’s in terms of my anime backlog…Then again, with there still being a great deal left in that the wonderful era known as the 90’s, I find no real hurry. I recommend it to anyone who likes a well rounded story in terms of pace, action, and a bit humour here and there.