Moyashimon Lolita Outfits

Starting off, I don’t honestly know much about the series. So here’s a quote:

“<J0kk|> moyashimon… a university drama set in the biology department where the main character can see microbes”

However, I have been following recently the Moyashimon Live Action J-Drama and discovered (with help) that Baby the Stars Shine Bright is a sponsor.

In the lolita fashion community BabyTSSB is a well established Sweet Lolita brand around the world with stores in Japan, Paris and San Francisco. With some research, I personally thanks the designers from BabyTSSB for creating Kei’s outfit for live action.

Here is an example of what Kei wears in the anime:

Frills of DOOM

And here is the actual dress, purchasable from the BabyTSSB website:

Pretty reality

Having only watched up to episode 10 of the live action, Moyashimon has been enjoyable to watch. I really enjoy watching it for this character moreso than the microbe-seeing main character. If I say anymore…SPOILERS!