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Music Monday

September 27, 2010, by , posted in Music

So I was going to be predictable. Then I was going to be more predictable.

Then I stopped being predictable and starting being awesome.

Thoughout my trawling of this site, Youtube and my harddisks this week to try and find something worthy of a post here, there were a lot of things I considered and cut out. So while I look to this quote from our esteem’d president: “Stealing this idea off of another blog, every Monday we’ll be posting up a music clip that caught our attention in the past week.”

So, while this might not have been in the past week, or indeed what I initially intended to post at all, take this shameless plug for an anime certain-people-that-you-don’t-know won’t stop talking about. Kick that reason to the curb and leave it shivering in fear. Then kick it again. Who needs it.

Dramatic text means dramatic show.

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Music Monday

September 19, 2010, by , posted in Music

Ah, 1998, what a year for anime, and probably one of the most memorable for me. There was a flood of excellent titles, some which are still highly regarded today (Bebop, Trigun, Initial D to name a really select few). However, one in particular was something of a dark horse.

Orphen (known in full as Sorcerous Stabber Orphen) is a fantasy/adventure anime that follows the exploits it’s titular anti-hero as he tries to rescue his mentor, Azalie, whom has become a fearsome dragon known as the Bloody August. While this calamity must be destroyed for the greater good, Orphen feels that only he, the greatest sorcerer in the world, can save her.

The above song is Kimi wa Majutsushi? (Are You a Sorcerer?) and acts as the second op for the series. While a common song in terms of how it sounds (it will evoke a feeling of “I’ve heard something like this before), it is still a powerful intro, setting the tone for what is to come beautifully together with the opening animation.

I still have a reverence for most of the music, animation, and storytelling of the ‘98 anime, and have barely progressed the into the 2000’s in terms of my anime backlog…Then again, with there still being a great deal left in that the wonderful era known as the 90’s, I find no real hurry. I recommend it to anyone who likes a well rounded story in terms of pace, action, and a bit humour here and there.

Moyashimon Lolita Outfits

September 18, 2010, by , posted in Review

Starting off, I don’t honestly know much about the series. So here’s a quote:

“<J0kk|> moyashimon… a university drama set in the biology department where the main character can see microbes”

However, I have been following recently the Moyashimon Live Action J-Drama and discovered (with help) that Baby the Stars Shine Bright is a sponsor.

In the lolita fashion community BabyTSSB is a well established Sweet Lolita brand around the world with stores in Japan, Paris and San Francisco. With some research, I personally thanks the designers from BabyTSSB for creating Kei’s outfit for live action.

Here is an example of what Kei wears in the anime:

Frills of DOOM

And here is the actual dress, purchasable from the BabyTSSB website:

Pretty reality

Having only watched up to episode 10 of the live action, Moyashimon has been enjoyable to watch. I really enjoy watching it for this character moreso than the microbe-seeing main character. If I say anymore…SPOILERS!

Karaoke + Eatout

September 14, 2010, by , posted in Events

Karaoke + Eatout

Date: Saturday 25 September, 2010
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Location: Mizuya (614 George St Sydney NSW 2000)

Hi there Pres!

Sitting around doing nothing but watching the rest of your holidays waste away?

Come and celebrate one of our favourite past-times and staple events, Karaoke + Eatout! If you have a burning desire to sing, come and make a fool of yourself at karaoke. Because you can’t stop the music! Nobody can stop the music! And if you don’t feel like singing, then come along anyway and watch other people make fools of themselves.

Afterwards, join us for dinner. Fill your stomach with Japanese food, drink some sake and have a chat with other club members!

IMPORTANT: Due to change in venue and tight numbers for dinner RSVP is compulsory. Please comment here or comment and RSVP at this event’s Facebook page.

Facebook link

RSVP closes on the Monday 20 September 2010.

Sweet Lolita Opinion

September 13, 2010, by , posted in Blog

I believe currently no one can pull of a sweet lolita nicely without giving someone a medical condition. It doesn’t help that Angelic Pretty promotes seizures and headaches.

Note: If you do like sweet lolita, good for you. This is my opinion about getting headaches and facepalming from bad outfit co-ordinations.