SMASH! Survival Guide Pt. 1

(Or how to have a smashing time at SMASH!)

Its that time of year again. We’re in convention season and coming up quickly is SMASH!, which is less than two weeks away. SMASH! has always been our favourite convention and this year it looks to be just as good, especially with the sleuth of Evangelion guests. This year SMASH! has changed venue for the first time, leaving the round Roundhouse and migrating to the halls of Town Hall, giving it a bigger venue at a convenient location in the city (it was always a pain to go to the Roundhouse). Having been to many, many conventions in the past, we decided to offer our advice on how to make the most of this year’s SMASH!:

Its winter and it can get a tad chilly in the city, particularly in the morning or if there’s a bit of a breeze. So if you’re going to be waking up and braving the lines at the start of the convention, be sure to dress to keep warm. With that said, conventions at Town Hall have a habit of getting real hot and stuffy real quick (and that’s not the good kind of hot and stuffy). Its also a good idea to wear your comfy shoes rather than your fancy shoes, because you’ll be walking around and standing much of the day.

If you’re a cosplayer, it might be an idea to bring another set of normal clothes to change into, especially if your costume is a bit revealing or a uncomfortable. We suggest you bring loose clothing too. And also so you don’t look like weird walking around the city.

Town Hall in all its glory.

Town Hall can be a bit of a maze to those who haven’t been before, so its best to take a look at the map before hand. Similarly, time tends to warp and distort while in a convention, so it pays to know when the panels/events you want to go to are on. The map and the schedule are now both available at the SMASH! website, so you’ll have no excuse for not knowing that the Shoujo/BL Panel is in the Panel Room (which is out back on the main floor) at 4pm…not that I’m planning on going to that…

Expect them.

Just don’t expect it to be between guys.

In the hustle and bustle of a convention, with all the running down hallways, avoiding screaming fangirls and fighting back the hordes to get to a stall to buy that kawaii or moe figurine, you can sometimes forget to slow down for a little and take it all in. So when you have a few minutes to spare, grab a seat, take a look at what stuff you’ve bought or the pictures you taken or just take in that wonderful atmosphere of a convention.

We do like it when people say hi. We’re not all bad people. Really.

When the convention starts to die down (like during cosplay comp or toward the end of the day), the anime clubs are always around chatting away. And sometimes we get really bored. And that’s when the weird stuff happens. Really weird stuff, even for an anime convention.

Check back later for the next installment!