Music Monday

Music Monday has been around for a fair few weeks, but now it’s time to shake things up a little. Besides anime, there are a few other things that manage to catch our attention, those being TF2 and of course, JB, and it’s about time we paid tribute to both of them!

Introducing Heavy Bieber and slap-chopping rap sensation Scoutacris! Previously known for their outstanding work in infomercials, lady killer (KABOOM!) Heavy Bieber and Scoutacris have joined like forces of nature to create a hit single you won’t be wanting to put down. The video producer has specially selected sound clips from our favourite stars and masterfully mixed them so that the flow and beat stay true to the original tune of Baby.

If HB and Scouta were to win a crazy Grammy, then developers Valve would be high up on their thank-you list. I’m sure that none of this would have been possible without the constant support and hard work that Valve have put in over the years.

So now that our history and culture lesson is over, I’m sure you’re all dying to stick in your earphones and blast some Bieber. Last one alive, lock the door!