Music Monday

Today’s Music Monday is a two-for-one!

Initial D is one of the best shounen manga/anime that has ever been created, and I strongly suggest that everyone go watch it. Even if you don’t understand cars, its still enjoyable. It has all the elements of a good shounen anime: interesting characters, epic battles and a predictable storyline. Not watching Initial D is depriving yourself of one of the best series out there.

One of the reasons the series was memorable is because of its soundtrack. The OPs and EDs were largely done by Move, a Japanese rap/dance band and the in show background music was formed by a bunch of Eurobeat songs. Listening and trying to understand the lyrics tends to get you nowhere, but there’s something about the heavy use of synths that gets you going. The two songs we have here were chosen by both yappa and me. The first one, Running in the 90s, was from Initial D First Stage and is one of my favourite Eurobeat songs ever, especially with that intro. The second one is Forever Young, chosen by yappa, its played during what is probably the greatest moment in an anime battle ever. EVER.

But the problem with Initial D has always been its distribution and release schedule. Or rather, its lack thereof. As far as I know, Initial D DVDs aren’t being sold in Australia anymore. On top of that, there was the whole controversy over the Tricked Out version, which makes it alot more boy racer. Similarly, there’s no word of if we’re getting a 5th Stage anime, which makes everyone sad. :(