K+Eatout Recap

Karaoke + Eatout is one of the staple events of the anime club, as it combines the passion of singing music with the hunger and fun of good (and sometimes not so good) fooding.

A little bonding while waiting for people to arrive.

Yappa had this great idea of having two eatouts, so a few of us with some time to spare met up a little early for some lunch. Since it was yappa’s idea, he got the pleasure of choosing our lunching locale. Yappa led us to Arisun, a seemingly Chinese restaurant. But upon entering, we activated a trap card and realised the place was actually Korean (which yappa had planned all along).



Flashin’ the peace sign.

Yappa in the King seat.

After lunch, we headed down to Echo Point, which would be our K venue for this time around. In the past, we’d used K-World on Elizabeth St (in fact, most anime clubs used it), but after a certain fire bombing incident, the quality of K-World started to go down and so we migrated elsewhere. Our last karaoke event was at Mizuya, which is a restaurant/karaoke place in one. Its one of the more classier places, but you end up paying for that class with money. We decided this time around to try Echo Point, which is probably on the wrong end of classy, but its pretty cheap and has JoySound.

The point is in the corner of the sign apparently.

For those who don’t know, JoySound is a Japanese song selection system. It tends to have quite a large selection of Japanese songs to choose from, and a decent amount of english songs, though its english range isn’t as up to date as I’d like it to be.

Waiting outside.

Being a veteran of many karaoke outings, I have come to learn a few important lessons about karaoke, which I will divulge here:

More bonding.

A bit too much bonding…

Group effort!

Someone is letting the team down.

If you follow these simple steps, everyone should leave the karaoke venue happy!

Afterward, we ended up wandering down to Miso in World Square for dinner. Miso is operated by the same people who do Makoto and Musashi, and they’re all high quality for their price range. Miso also makes really good Katsu, which always gets a thumbs up from me.

Eatout is an often overlooked part of the whole K+Eatout experience. At karaoke you have a laugh and make a fool of yourself, but its at eatout you realise that the people around you aren’t actually insane. Well…most of them anyway. Look for the review of Miso in a later post!

Is he crazy or isn’t he?

Elusive picture of Tsu

Emily loves peace.

Anyway, with cracked, strained, broken voices and stomaches full of rice and other nice things, we called it a night and headed our seperate ways…to the train station. And then we went our seperate ways again at the station! So ended the second K+Eatout of 2010.

Photos by Bubby and Sleet