Weekly Weeaboo

Reviews of the latest manga chapters. Y’arr. Beware of spoilers ahead, matey.

Naruto #491

Letting fangirls know Naruto has a gag reflex.

Sleet: I haven’t been a big fan of Naruto ever since they introduced the five nation politics with all the -kage’s. Its like Kishimoto is trying to add some kind of political tension to the series, when I feel it really doesn’t need it. Anyway, this chapter seemed to cover quite alot of ground for a Naruto chapter (at least 3 plot points!). The frogs have always been one of those weird and quirky parts of Naruto, so its kind of nice to see that they’re still weird and quirky. And Naruto having to deal with new found popularity should be interesting in the future. Though I don’t know how you can eat ramen after having a frog jammed down your throat…

With Tsunade back in the Hokage role, it makes you wonder why we bothered even having that small Danzo arc. Its not like he did anything worth while. And again, all this politics stuff just bores me. It just another way of giving commentary we already know about characters while they aren’t there. But I guess if you actually find the different -kage characters interesting, these scene would be as well, but I don’t. Also, not a big fan of Killer Bee. They actually made his rhyme rhyme this time, but most of the time his jokes fall short of jumping to english. Best bit of the chapter though, Naruto counting the tentacles. Looking back, this chapter was great for fangirls. Gag reflexes and tenatacles… -_-‘

Bleach #400
Sleet: Finally, Ichimaru’s Bankai is out of the bag. And its so simple, I think its great. The series has been more over the top with its bankai’s and resurrección’s lately, that something as simple as the fastest zanpakuto makes Gin’s bankai really unique. It doesn’t rely on some simple hook like controlling whatever your bajillion eyes can see or your sword scattering into a bunch of petals or casting illusions on people. It lets Bleach get back to what it’s best at: fighting. The best fights in Bleach have always been the simple ones, like Ichigo vs. Kenpachi, no real “tricks”, just good old fashioned sword fighting. Anyway, with that bankai, Gin’s now probably my favourite character in all of Bleach.

Then we get the little bit where Aizen says he has another form coming. Oh yay. ANOTHER FORM. -_-‘
I wish there was still only a shikai and a bankai. Life was so much simpler back then.