Weekly Weeaboo

Naruto #492
Is anyone else really bored with Killer Bee? He almost feels like a filler episode character to me, completely not interesting. Also, Naruto’s having even more training!? Bleh. Hopefully this’ll be the last special training he needs. I can’t remember the last time Bleach had training -_-‘

Anyway, Guy-sensei has finally made an appearance again and I’m fairly sure that means we’ll be getting some Guy-sensei action in the future, and that’s never a bad thing.

Bleach #401

Bleach is pretty good right now. All the major players are starting to show up (though what happened to all the Captains and Lieutenants? Are they just laying on the ground bleeding to death?) They’re starting to answer some of those little quirks in the story that never made sense and blaming it all on the Hougyoku. The Vizards being created by Urahara’s desires seems to cheapen them a little, but Orohime and Chad’s powers now make perfect sense.

And who knows, we may finally see Urahara’s bankai and why its not suited for training purposes. The only problem I have with Bleach is that there’s another form coming -_-‘